The project launch was initially focused on energy as utility companies begin to implement Demand Response incentives and pricing. The Design team at GE saw this as an opportunity to give the consumer the control they needed while at the same time delighting them. The initiative was later pivoted to focus on consumer convenience and appliance control and launched as GE Connected Home.

The initiative was led by an industrial designer and two interaction designers. This three-person team fostered an intuitive collaboration of design including aspects from apps, product interfaces, package design and physical product.

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GE’s first energy monitoring device was the Nucleus which gave the control and knowledge of the smart grid to consumers’ homes, empowering them to make more informed energy choices.

The Nucleus worked in concert with many other GE products including smart appliances, programmable thermostats, and software applications, providing a comprehensive energy management solution for consumers.

I led the industrial design for all GE connected home products that centered around the concept of collecting and storing individual household energy use and cost data from smart electricity meters, presenting it to consumers through a simple and intuitive desktop computer and smart phone user applications.

A complete product offering developed from consumer discovery, purchase, set-up, daily use and upgrades throughout life.

I led the design of the physical products, packaging and core product experiences in collaboration with the UI team.  Working with our team’s human factors expert led to my designing products that were optimized for fit and feel.