A brand centered CME project to design a range of breakfast products leading the design direction in form, color, and finish for the next generation of the Kenwood KMix suite. 

This range of products is targeting Kenwood’s “Expression” consumer.  Their persona embodies boldness and unconstrained adventure.  An Expressionistic product should be edgy and non-traditional, forms and shapes in colors that stand out from convention. 


The Expressionist consumer has a color and material palate that is bold and more striking than contemporary kitchen interior design.

Splashes of color can still be seen as trendy in the green/blue/lime family but no primary colors. A prevailing theme is increasingly muted earth tones in green and blue hues.

A purposeful design direction away from silver metals and full saturated color was chosen.


Material finishes

Subtle integrations of form and texture can be seen throughout the home.

Matte surfaces are a growing trend. A clear movement away from high gloss/flashy surfaces and metals impact even high-profile products. 

Combinations with ceramics and concrete in grey tones complement the bright colors.

Design direction

 A muted mint green with a slightly warmed hue

A thoughtful combination of surface finishes

Accents of copper to bring familiarity

Simple, crisp forms